This index offers an overview of the different ways one can search the Torn Tracks collection at this moment. More information about each view can be found on its respective page. It is the place for updates for the website and gives an insight into ways and things that are are new or planned for the future. The website is best viewed in full screen.


The ways

Sketch Maps: The tracks audible here form a network of sketch maps of places explored and paths walked.

Chronology: The tracks are sorted chronologically, on the date that they were finished.

Field Guide: The tracks are sorted in the form of a field guide - all the existing versions of a track are collected together.

Locations: The tracks are sorted on the place where they were finished.

Pitch: The tracks are sorted on their average pitch.


FEATURED TRACK: Torn Tracks #18 - Førde (8-12 July 2019)

For Vestlandsutstillingen 2019, Huizing is developing 6 site specific sound pieces for exhibitions in Ålesund, Haugesund, Øystese, Stavanger, Førde and Bergen.

Between 8-12 July 2019, she went on a site visit to Førde to explore and record material for a new sound piece, the fifth in this series of six. Torn Tracks #18 - Førde (8-12 July 2019) premieres on the opening of the Vestlands exhibition at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, on the 31st of August and is now available on the Torn Tracks website.

"During Huizing's site visit to Førde in July she became fascinated by certain aspects of the place's strong landscape. Førde lies on a plane surrounded by high mountains, which causes sounds to reflect back and forth between the mountainsides. Sunbeams are partly blocked, and in the morning and evening light you can often see planes of light moving across the landscape. It feels like all the surfaces in Førde are either flat or steep, and the rivers that stream down along the steep mountains are met by sea water at the bottom, creating an area with brackish water. A site in constant movement, influenced by rain and tides. These characteristics and movements have formed the eventual sound work, which is created with field recordings that Huizing made during her site visit."

NEW: Sketch Maps

In addition to the 6 new sound pieces, Huizing is developing the website as well. Sketch maps is a new way of searching the collection, where one track can have several side tracks or 'stops' you can listen to. More info on this view can be found on its own page.



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